Minor League Baseball Player Becomes The First American Athlete Busted For HGH

mike jacobs

[credit provider=”AP”]

Colorado Rockies minor leaguer Mike Jacobs is suspended for 50 games after testing positive for using human growth hormone.Jacobs, who in previous years has played in the majors for the Mets and Marlins, admitted to using the drugs and has accepted the suspension.

The MLB commissioner’s office says Jacobs is the first North American athlete to fail a positive HGH test.

However, major league players are not tested for it and the NFL has only just announced that will begin testing this year. (The NBA and NHL don’t test for it either.)

HGH testing has been criticised, both because it requires a more invasive blood test and because the reliability of tests are still in doubt. The hormone only remains in the blood stream for about 24-48 hours, and NFL players are never drug tested on game days.

It’s interesting that Jacobs will not appeal, which might have involved a more public investigation into how and when he used the drugs … or where he got them from.

Maybe some day we’ll add to Jacobs to the list of big moments in doping history →