Interview Bytes: Mike Hudack, CEO of

Everyone is jumping aboard the executive-video-interview bandwagon, which is too bad, because most executive video interviews suck.  Why?  Because who has 20-30 minutes to sit around watching glib, telegenic folks dodge questions?  The joy of a text-based interview is that you can scan quickly for any news, consume it, and get on with your day.

But don’t worry!  At Silicon Alley Insider, we watch some of those crappy video interviews, so you don’t have to.  We note the news, deliver it in concise bullets, and send you on your way.  And we even link to the original videos, in case you just can’t think of anything better to do.


Today’s newsmaker?  Mike Hudack, CEO of New York’s  On Aug 6, Mike sat down for what felt like hours with Allison Mooney of  Mike’s a square-jawed stud with a seriously telegenic voice, so if you groove on that, watch the first 15 seconds.  If not, here’s what he said :

  • exists to support folks who want to make their own TV shows.  The company handles hosting, business development, distribution deals, marketing support, and ad sales.
  • Blip views the online video market as having three segments: 1) viral media (amateur shots of dancing cats, etc), 2) friends and family (home movies), 3) TV shows.  Blip focuses on the latter.
  • Blip has 10 employees, with an 11th joining soon.
  • Blip splits ad revenue 50/50 with show producers.
  • Blip is “growing at a great clip.”  (Translation: “NFW am I answering that question”)
  • Blip just closed its second round of financing, led by Ambient Sound Investors (a.k.a., the Skype guys).
  • Blip distributes through iTunes, et al.
  • In two years, Blip shows will be on TV, and TV shows will be on Blip.
  • Mobile TV sounds great in theory, but no one actually uses it, so it’s not a priority.
  • The US mobile carriers are living in the dark ages.  They demand 70% of any content revenue and are a pain to negotiate with.  European and Asian carriers finally get it; US carriers don’t.  Don’t know what it will take to make them change, but they have to change.
  • Mike has two favourite Blip shows.  No, scratch that.  He has dozens of favourites.  But two of his favourites that he loves just a tiny bit more than all his other favourites include Goodnight Burbank and Alive in Baghdad.