This Headline Is A Sign Of Hockey's Place On The American Sports Scene*

mike fisher carrie underwood

UPDATE: It looks like an outcry from NHL fans on Twitter prompted The Tennessean to change its headline.  It now reads: “Predators acquire Mike Fisher, Carrie Underwood’s husband.” 

Not much better.

EARLIER: On Business Insider, I’ve been trumpeting the NHL’s progress lately and expressing the belief that the sport is finally ready to take it’s place in the mainstream realm of American entertainment.

I still think the league is making tremendous strides, but this headline from the top sports story of The Tennessean shows exactly where the NHL stands right now.

The story is about a relatively big hockey story — Ottawa traded Mike Fisher to Nashville for a first round pick — but The Tennessean obviously knows that Carrie Underwood is its ticket to clicks.

In many areas of the United States, hockey is indeed flourishing.  But there are still a good number of markets that lag behind.

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