Mike Bloomberg Is Way More Dressed Up At His New Job Than He Was As Mayor

On Monday, Michael Bloomberg went back to work at his own company, Bloomberg, after spending 12 years as New York City’s Mayor.

Now we are fairly certain that some things about his work style have stayed the same — like how you will still probably find him sitting at his cubicle by 7:00 am unless he has a meeting.

But some things have clearly changed. For example, Bloomberg has dispensed with the cashmere pull-over sweaters and stepped up his dress game. Sure, Mayor Mike rocked a suit for important guests/occasions, but the day to day in City Hall was not this dressy.

Check out the fresh suit he’s rocking in this picture, tweeted out by Bloomberg Businessweek’s Josh Tyrangiel:

A big difference from the casual look he used to rock on the regular (see below):

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