Mike Baird's secret to a happy marriage is...

Photo: Mike Baird and his wife, Kerryn/ Facebook.

Politicians generally avoid handing out relationship advice, but New South Wale premier Mike Baird, Australia’s most popular politician, isn’t shy when it comes to passing on tips.

Business Insider recently sat down with Baird and amid the political chit-chat, the conversation took a more personal turn, including his love life with wife of 25 years, Kerryn.

In previous interviews Baird described Kerryn as his secret weapon, his greatest asset and his soul mate.

But what keeps the happy couple so happy?

According to Baird the secret to a happy marriage is date night.

Photo: Facebook.

While the premier admits juggling family time is “the hardest part” of the job, he says he always carves out time in his diary for them.

“I’ve got to be disciplined in the diary but the truthful response is: it comes at a cost. I work very hard on prioritising the family as part of what I do so including things that are interesting for them,” he says.

“With young teenage kids, there’s not much [laughs] on a daily basis, but trying to involve them in things that are interesting and keep time during the week for them – kids’ sporting events, time for family and church – is also important.

“And I can’t forget my date night with my wife. I try and do that.”

Once a week, every week, Baird wines and dines Kerryn so the pair can focus on each other and their relationship away from work, and the kids.

“I found that a very successful ingredient for marriage. Because you can pile up – well, Kerryn piles up the constructive feedback for me and then rather than each day, I just get it on the date night.

“We love going out. We love restaurants, we love walks. As a package, those two play a role.”

Another pollie that was keen on date nights was former prime minister Julia Gillard, who, with partner Tim Mathieson, would often take time out to see shows or concerts together.

During her time in office she and Mathieson made a weekend trip to the Yarra Valley to see 80s rockers Blondie and the Pretenders perform.

Other busy and prominent Australians who talk about the importance of spending quality time with your loved one include Hugh Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness, who have been married for almost 20 years.

The Wolverine star revealed to Woman’s Day that when he plans to take his wife out on the town, he dresses like a stockbroker to impress her.

“When my wife met me, she said she was looking for a stockbroker,” he said, “So if I want it to be a great night out, I’ll wear a suit – especially Tom Ford – and I’ll start talking about stocks and bonds.

“Then I know I’m going to get lucky… just kidding!”

Read more on their relationship here.

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