Mike Baird is calling out his political colleagues for letting short-term thinking hold Australia back

Mike Baird with Tony Abbott. Photo: Getty

Here’s NSW Premier Mike Baird in a message posted on social media today:

If you’re anything like me, you are sick of politics in this country. Point-scoring, fear, smear, who wins the daily news cycle. It is not something that I think is productive. Because the problem with it: we face big problems, here in the state, and across the country.

You’ll probably find a lot of support for that view in the street. Meanwhile, elsewhere on Business Insider this morning:

On these numbers, Baird clearly has political capital to spend. Calling for an increase in the GST risks using much of it. Now, there’s a cynical view that this paints the Labor premiers into a corner ahead of the Council of Australian Governments meeting this week, as failure to reach agreement will put Baird in a position to accuse everyone of putting their own short-term interests ahead of the country.

But as Nigel Lake of consultancy firm Pottinger writes today, balancing long-term achievement with the reality of the daily news cycle has been on Baird’s mind for years. Lake points out:

Despite the enormously challenging political circumstances in which Baird became Premier, he has rapidly established a position as Australia‚Äôs most popular political leader, and was returned with a resounding majority in the election… Unsurprisingly, in my view, the inevitable short term media cycle appears to have little impact on his leadership, as he can continue to focus on, and talk about, delivery of the long term goals.

Perhaps there’s more to that popularity chart than Baird being a likeable bloke.

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