Mike Baird gave some sage advice to students sitting their HSC exams today

NSW premier Mike Baird and his wife Kerryn after finishing school/ Facebook.

Exams can be a stressful experience for most, but HSC exams in particular can feel like the be-all and end-all for year 12 students.

Today NSW school students sat down for their first exam, English, in more than 750 centres across the state.

According to the Board of Studies, a record number of students – more than 77,000 – will sit at least one HSC exam this year, a 13% increase on last year.

In celebration of the milestone premier Mike Baird has shared some sage advice for the students, reflecting on his own time at school.

“Back when I was in school, a typical report card said something like ‘Mike talks too much in class,’ he wrote in a Facebook post.

“Truth be told, I was much more interested in catching waves (and girls) than studying… and my HSC results were average at best.

“Not too long after my school days were over, I met Kerryn [his wife] on a beach down the south coast… And school was suddenly a distant memory!

Here’s the truth of it… Life isn’t defined by your exams. It begins after they are finished.

“It’s always important to give everything you do your very best shot, but make sure you keep some perspective. When you walk out of that final exam, you’ve got the world at your feet… And most of us oldies will tell you that your best days are yet to come.

Good luck guys.”

The premier, the most-liked politicians in Australia, has been known to his share anecdotes for life outside politics. Recently in an interview with Business Insider he revealed his secret for a happy marriage. Find out what it is here.

And this recent post on Facebook isn’t usual. He’s is actually quite savvy with his social media, live-tweeting the finale of The Bachelor last month.

Stuck at home with “man-flu” and two teenage daughters, aged 17 and 15, the NSW premier sat down with a couple of million other Australians to watch the final of The Bachelor. The result was hilarious.

No matter the occasion, Baird is particularly eloquent and engaging in matters across the board. Whether it be advice, or live-tweeting. But his sincere and reflective resolve was revealed in his tribute to ousted leader Tony Abbott. Read it in full here.

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