What Will Android Phones Look Like In The Future?

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Photo: Mike & Maaike

Now that Motorola is officially part of the Google family, the question is what will the future of Android devices look like?As Bloomberg BusinessWeek reports, Google recently acquired the design firm Mike & Maaike. It’s the same company that helped design the original BlackBerry-like concept Google Phone. It also designed the very first Android phone, the HTC G1.

Now that Mike & Maaike is part of Google (and Motorola’s) design team, what can we expect from Android-powered devices down the road? We took a look at Mike and Maaike’s design portfolio to get some clues.

Here's a look at the original Google Phone concept from 2006

It looks a lot like a BlackBerry, the most popular smartphone platform at the time

Just six years later, the Google Phone concept looks very antiquated

But one of Mike & Maaike's smartphone designs did become reality. Here's the HTC G1

The G1 was the first smartphone to run Android

Unlike the iPhone, the G1 had a slide-out keyboard

It also had a unique, curved design

Although the G1 looked great, it didn't sell very well. Android didn't start seeing true success until the Motorola Droid launched

Mike & Maaike also helped design the Xbox 360...

Along with the console's iconic controller

Here's a cool-looking Belkin mouse Mike & Maaike helped create

Even the bottom of the mouse looks good

Finally, here's a cool concept of what a self-driving Google car may look like in the future

It's not exactly aerodynamic

Sit back and relax as your car takes you where you need to go

It looks like a living room on wheels

We're not too crazy about a grass green car

View from the top

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