This Majestic Hotel In The Indian Desert Was Named The Most Extraordinary Place To Stay In 2014

The Mihir Garh hotel near Jodhpur in India was just named “most extraordinary place to stay in 2014” by the writers and editors at Lonely Planet.

The isolated hotel, built like a sand castle to represent a mirage emerging from the Thar Desert, has only nine suites. They’re huge and luxurious, while mirroring the fantastical architectural traditions of the Rajasthan region.

Everything on the property is custom-made, including the fireplaces constructed from cow dung and clay.

Rooms start around $US275 a night, and run up to $US540.

The Mihir Garh is located near Jodhpur, in northwestern India.

It looks like a sandcastle rising out of the Thar Desert.

Mihir Garh means 'The Fort of the Sun,' and was designed with an eye toward fantasy and mythology.

Murals throughout depict Rajasthani women in bright saris like the ones who dot the roadsides of the region.

The hotel has only nine suites.

Each one offers 1,700 square feet of private space.

The suites have guest rooms in addition to the master bedrooms.

Here's a view of a suite's bathroom at the Mihir Garh.

Rashmi Singh, the owner of the Mihir Garh along with her husband, personally designed all the suites.

It took 150 workers two years to construct the hotel.

Sitting rooms are highly prized spaces in the Mihir Garh, because the owners wanted to created a meditative mood.

There are even hidden places to sit in the hotel's open layout.

Here's a view of one of the balconies at the Mihir Garh.

The suites on the ground floor come with their own plunge pools and personal courtyards.

The hotel also has a community infinity pool.

Every feature of the hotel was custom-built.

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