Miguel Cabrera's Sunglasses May Have Saved His Season

Miguel Cabrera, who is playing third base for the first time in four years, was hit in the face yesterday by a ball, breaking his orbital bone. The injury will sideline the slugger for a “couple of weeks.” But if not for some new sunglasses, the injury could have been a lot worse.

According to a report on ESPN today, Cabrera was wearing sunglasses for one of the first times in his career after a teammate convinced Cabrera that he would see the ball a lot better. Cabrera had picked out his new sunglasses just two days prior to yesterday’s game.

Manager Jim Leyland said that markings from the seams of the baseball, which left Cabrera with a deep cut on his upper cheek, could be seen on the lens of the shattered sunglasses. This suggests that the sunglasses dispersed the pressure from the impact down towards the cheekbone as opposed to a direct shot on the eye, which would have likely resulted in a much more serious injury.

Here’s video of the play (via SportsGrid.com)…



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