Migaloo the white whale has been spotted off NSW

A file photo Migaloo off Byron Bay. Rob Dalton/Getty Images

Migaloo, a humpback whale named for the Aboriginal word meaning whitefella, is back off the east coast of Australia on his annual migration.

The rare white whale was first reported in 1991 and has been seen almost every year since, on a migratory path from the Antarctic to breeding waters in the Great Barrier Reef.

Dean Jefferys, the founder of Migaloo 2, the conservation yacht, says he spotted the white male at midday off Hastings point near Tweed Heads.

Migaloo was heading north and was expected at the Gold Coast sometime today.

“Migaloo the white whale is the stuff of legends,” says Jefferys.

The whale also has its own Twitter feed.

White humpbacks are extremely rare, with only four reported in the world.

Migaloo’s name was used in the 2007-08 campaign in the Antarctic by the conservation group Sea Shepherd against Japan’s so-called scientific whaling program which that year proposed to harpoon humpback whales as well as minke whales.

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