Migaloo Is So Rock That Even Dolphins Want To Be In The Front Row

Pic courtesy Getty Images

The world’s second-most famous white whale has materialised in Cairns, making a rock star entrance complete with dolphin entourage.

Migaloo the humpback whale had whalesighting operaters chugging out to Oyster Reef yesterday in the hope of giving passengers a rare glimpse of marine fame.

And he didn’t disappoint, putting on an hour-long show alongside another pod of humpbacks.

Seastar Cruises skipper told the Cairns Post it was the first time he’d seen Migaloo himself.

“We have 36 people onboard and every single one of them is looking straight at Migaloo right now,” he told the Cairns Post from onboard.

Up to 16,000 humpbacks will gather in the Great Barrier Reef waters for the mating and calving season.

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