Middle Class: The Shattering Of “The American Dream”?

HedgeFundLIVE.com — Inequality comes in many fashions. Currently there is a growing disparity between the rich and the middle class. As we hear the statistics that, about 20% of Americans make up about 85% of the wealth. Do we consider what is going on with the other 80% of Americans? They earn less than $100,000 annually. According to data used from Census Bureau, as of 2009 45.3% of them earn between $35,000 and $99,999 annually.

They are the true workhorses of the American economy. Compromised of laborers, teachers, firemen, and retail managers to name a few.

These are the people who help keep our country running. Without them we would not be able to maintain our title of “Super Power.” Unfortunately, there is a tight grip being placed on the middle class. Shattering hopes of living the “American Dream” by inflation.

With the “American Dream” growing further from the grasp of the middle class. I pose this question. Is this a case of economic inequality or an inflation war against the middle class?Using data compiled from the Census Bureau. I found that from 2000 to 2009 the average median income grew 18.7%. In that time, gasoline prices rose by 35% and new home values by 23%. If the “American Dream” consists of owning a home and a car, average median salary does not keep up the pace.


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