Here's Proof That Mid-Sized Firms Are Dominating The Recovery [PRESENTATION]


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Some say that small businesses are the biggest creator of jobs, while some say it’s large corporations. In fact, it’s the middle market companies — those between small and big businesses, with between $10 million and $1 billion in revenues — that have played the biggest role in the recovery. 

Anil Makhaija, director of the National centre for the Middle Market, shared with us the PowerPoint presentation he delivered at GE’s Middle Market Summit this morning, where he points out how the sector grew employment by 3.8 per cent last year, versus 2.5 per cent in small and 0.8 per cent in large firms.

These firms are also growing three times as fast as companies listed on the S&P 500.

Mid-sized firms created 41 million jobs during the crisis.

More than half say they don't have sufficient access to capital markets.

The number of mid-sized firms has grown steadily; there are now 197,000 in the US.

Most of the growth is in the healthcare industry.

Mid-market firms have created more net jobs than small and big businesses in the past year.

The biggest boom for job creation has been in the Southeast.

Mid-market firms brought in $50 billion in revenue last year.

The majority of the revenue is flowing through Middle America.

Mid-market executives have a much stronger outlook for the local economy.

Their biggest concern is the cost of healthcare.

They also have a tentative revenue growth outlook for 2013.

Job creation outlook is also slightly negative.

Growth hinges upon access to foreign markets and the overall health of the economy.

Now see how the U.S. compares to the rest of the world

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