Microsoft's Xbox Video Becoming 'Zune Video', Adding Facebook, Twitter

Zune Video

Microsoft (MSFT) is upping its ante in the living room.

At the E3 gaming expo, Microsoft just announced that it’s rebranding its Xbox Live video service as “Zune Video,” which will launch in 18 countries later this year.

  • The main changes: Hi-def video will be available in 1080p, and movies and TV shows will stream instantly — no waiting for downloads.
  • Microsoft will also offer “Live Party,” where you can watch stuff with your Xbox Live friends over the Internet.
  • Facebook now has an Xbox app. Facebook Connect built into games, too.
  • Twitter built in, too. Post to Twitter from Xbox.
  • You can now browse Netflix (NFLX) movies on Xbox instead of using Web site and “instant queue.”

Nice updates, and more evidence that Microsoft is kicking Apple’s butt in the living room.

Photo: Kotaku

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