Microsoft's VP Of Online Advertising: How We Can Fix Our Online Division Losses

Frank Holland, VP of online advertising, Microsoft

Photo: Daniel Goodman, Business Insider

We recently sat down with Frank Holland, VP of online advertising for Microsoft, during Advertising Week in New York City.We asked him how the company plans to increase its share in search and display, given that it’s been losing ground for a while now.

His main points:

  • Microsoft keeps losing money online because it’s “willing to invest for whatever it takes in both display and search. Until we get to critical mass in search we don’t believe the job is done.”
  • Display is as important to Microsoft as search – and not just on the Web, but also Xbox, Skype and Nokia.
  • We talk a little about consolidation. Should there really be three portals – AOL, Yahoo, and MSN? What distinguishes them?

Listen to what he has to say:

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