Microsoft's Secret Event Could Totally Blow Up In Its Face

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We’re just minutes away from Microsoft’s big secret event, and the anticipation is shockingly high!This is good for Microsoft because it’s winning the tech press’s attention for the day. It’s also bad for Microsoft because it is making the tech press’s life miserable.

Microsoft didn’t tell anyone where the event was going to be held until 10 AM Los Angeles time. That means media members had to fly into LA, book a hotel, rent a car, and figure out other logistics without knowing where they were going.

This is a huge pain in the butt. For instance, Harry McCracken of Time has been waiting in a Burger King near the airport all day. How do you think he feels about Microsoft right now?

If this isn’t something really big, like a Microsoft tablet, the media is going to be pissed. And they will take out their fury on Microsoft with mean articles. That’s not how you build buzz!

So, pressure is on Microsoft. Can you deliver?

We’re going to be covering it live here, tune in!

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