Microsoft's Rumoured Smartwatch Could Have A Distinct Competitive Advantage

Microsoft is the next tech giant looking to break into the smartwatch market with the rumoured Surface Watch, according to a report from Gear Live.

There are already so many wearable devices on the market, and many more soon to launch, it’s becoming difficult to keep up. But all this enthusiasm among device makers for the wearables category misses the fact that there still aren’t enough apps out there to really make wearables compelling for mainstream consumers.

Why are there so few wearable apps?

In a recent report from BI Intelligence, we found that the the entire ecosystem for wearable apps is highly fragmented.

And the reason is that all the new devices run on different platforms and are only compatible with a handful of devices.

Since many wearable apps still function simply as an extension of smartphone and tablet apps — a way to receive notifications or record data without having to grab your phone, tethering the watch to be compatible with only specific devices limits a smartwatch maker’s potential audience.

Microsoft’s rumoured Surface watch, however, will purportedly have cross-platform functionality. It will work with the iOS and Android platforms as well as other devices including desktop PCs and the Xbox One.

Since the wearables market currently is hindered by its multitude of walled-off devices, BI Intelligence believes the Microsoft watch’s ability to link with various platforms will give it a significant competitive advantage.

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In full, the report:

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