Microsoft Actress To Star In 7-Eleven Commercials Next


Will we next see redheaded Microsoft pitchwoman Lauren De Long sipping a Big Gulp and saying, “I’m just not cool enough for Starbucks?”

Maybe. Techflash reports Lauren will soon be featured in an ad campaign for 7-Eleven, where she’ll appear on in-store flat-screen displays throughout the US.

Lauren burst onto the public scene as the star of Microsoft’s (MSFT) new ad campaign, where she goes shopping for a new computer and claims “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person!”

Microsoft pitched the ad as what happens when an ordinary person is given $1,000 to buy a computer. We quickly learned Lauren’s actually a professional actress — her Web site claims “over 20 film and commercial credits” and Lauren links to a shout-out she got on for her appearance in Saw-knockoff 99 Pieces.

We don’t think people seeing Lauren sell beef jerky at their local 7-Eleven will blunt the success of Microsoft’s new campaign, which connected with recession-hit consumers more for its “PCs are the better value” message than because it’s what ‘normal people’ do. But next time, if Microsoft is going to talk up how its commercials are about ‘normal people,’ it should probably find one or two.

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