Microsoft's newest phones are so powerful they can transform into a full computer

Microsoft announced two new premium flagship smartphones, the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL, during its event in New York City on Tuesday.

The Lumia 950 has a 5.2-inch display and the 950 XL has a 5.7-inch display.

They’re both extremely powerful. So powerful, in fact, that they can seamlessly turn into a computer just by using a USB-C.

USB-C is a new standard that will eventually replace microUSB for charging and connecting our smartphones and computers to other devices.

With a USB-C cable, you plug a Lumia 950 or 950 XL into the new Microsoft Display Dock, which is basically an adaptor with a bunch of useful ports, like regular USB, HDMI, and DVI.

Then, you can connect the Display Dock to a monitor with an HDMI connection and a keyboard/mouse.

On the monitor you just plugged in, you’ll see what looks like a full version of Windows 10 you’d see on a Windows 10 computer. It won’t run the full desktop apps you’d find on a Windows 10 computer, but it will scale up your mobile apps to look like full-size desktop versions.

According to Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, the new Lumia phones as “phones you can run your entire business on.”

This is thanks to Microsoft’s Continuum feature, which adjusts Windows 10 apps from mobile versions on a phone to look like full-size versions you’d see on a Windows 10 computer.

Without a feature like Continuum, Apple’s mobile devices can’t do what Microsoft has done here,” says Villas-Boas. “You could plug an iPhone to a monitor, but you’d simply see a mirror of what you see on your iPhone. You wouldn’t see a light version of Mac OS X El Capitan, and the apps wouldn’t look the same. Plus, Apple’s mobile operating system doesn’t support mouse input, so you’d still have to navigate around on your iPhone’s screen.

Check out what the new Lumia phone can do with its new-found power:

The new Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950 XL.


Both phones have two antennas that switch between each other for the strongest signal. It takes into account the interference from your hand when you hold your phone.


The 950 has a 5.2-inch screen, and the 950 XL's is 5.7 inches.


The camera on the new Lumias will be a whopping 20 megapixels and optical image stabilisation to steady your shots.


There are also three, yes three, flash bulbs at the back.


The new Lumias also have USB-C, which can charge the phones up to 50% in under 30 minutes.


But perhaps most importantly, it allows the Lumia phones to connect to Microsoft's new Display Dock.


It lets you connect a Lumia phone to a monitor via HDMI and a mouse/keyboard with USB, and turns your phone into a full-on desktop running full Windows 10. The screen on the left is a full Windows 10 desktop running from one of the Lumias. It looks incredible.


When you press the start menu on the bottom left, you see your phone's home screen. It runs full Windows 10 apps so you can use it just like you would a Windows 10 computer.


Microsoft's new Lumia 950 will sell for $549 and the 950 XL at $649, and they will be available in November.


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