Microsoft’s New Ad Push: Pop-Ups On Hyperlinks (MSFT)


Unless you’ve turned the feature off, you may notice you can hover your mouse cursor over any link on SAI for a preview of where that link leads, a service called Snap. But services like Snap are about to get some new competition, today Microsoft (MSFT) ad guy Mario Esposito wrote a bit on his blog about his company’s upcoming offering, Microsoft Gaze.

Here’s what Mario says about the service:

A GazeInLink™ is clearly distinguished by a unique underline or other decoration that a publisher chooses. A mouse-over, click or by a small icon that sits next to the entity/keyword. When the user places the mouse over a GazeLink™, the gadget layer opens with information about the linked entity/keyword. Ads are blended in to the content in a non intrusive way. They’re meaningful to user and related to what the user is reading.

The strange thing is, scrutinizing Mario’s screenshot (pictured) of how the service works with “Jennifer Lopez,” it’s not altogether clear just what/where the ad is. Is the ad for Time Inc., that Jennifer Lopez’s page is a “highlight?” The “Gossip Flyouts” (presumably linking to

Still no word on when the service is coming, and whether users will be able to deactivate it. We’ll update as we hear more.

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