Microsoft's New Ad: 'I'm Just Not Cool Enough To Be A Mac Person'


All last year, we watched Apple (AAPL) run ads with Justin Long as the “cool” guy with a Mac, with dorky, inept John Hodgman as his Windows foil. And the whole time Apple kept kicking Microsoft (MSFT) in the shins, the Windows ad team responded mainly with weird “Windows: Delicious” ads starring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates.

Now we have a new approach from Microsoft’s ad team, and we like these spots — and Microsoft’s newfound willingness to hit back a little — much better. In the latest, a cute girl sets out to buy a laptop with a large screen for under $1,000. Checking out an Apple store, she storms out in frustration, saying “I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac person!”

By now, Apple is the computer of cool people, and Microsoft is wise to cede the point. But the problem with “cool” — a problem, like the recession, which works in Microsoft’s favour in its fight against Apple’s premium priced computers — is that “cool” is by definition the minority.

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