Microsoft's Latest Windows 7 Release Looks Solid

Good news for Microsoft: The release candidate for Windows 7 came out today. And while it’s not much different than other recent betas, the buzz seems to be positive.

Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky: When you get RC1 in your hands, it’s not going to feel drastically different than the previous beta. There are UI tweaks and tucks, and some functionality added, but mostly it’s more of the same — which is to say a really cleaned up, streamlined, nicer looking version of Vista. One thing we can say for sure is that it felt snappier and less buggy than the earlier versions (duh), and it’s clear that Microsoft has taken a lot of the feedback it’s gotten to heart. RC1 shows off definite attention to detail; things like the jump lists are now stacked with options, and since new applications won’t auto-add to the taskbar, they hang out in the Start menu for a little while. We’re talking the kind of little adjustments that don’t immediately stand out, but you find yourself turning to all the time.

Read Topolsky’s review at Engadget →

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