Microsoft's 'Bing' Is No Google Killer, Reviewers Say


Microsoft’s (MSFT) re-branded search engine has a bunch of new features.

Danny Sullivan, over at Search Engine Land, probably has the most in-depth look at them.

Briefly, they are:

  • Categorized Search & Web Groups
  • Related Searches
  • Best Match
  • Quick Previews
  • Instant Answers
  • Infinite scroll of images
  • Shopping search
  • Local search
  • Travel search
  • Health search

Here’s what everyone around the Internet thinks of them:

Joseph Tartakoff, PaidContent:

But after a week of using Bing and Google (GOOG) against each other, I can report that Bing has a major shortcoming: No matter how useful those features were, the quality of the results in my searches—when I looked beyond likely common queries like “UPS” or airport codes—was never better than those offered by Google. For the most part, the results on the two search engines were basically the same. But sometimes, the Bing results were actually inferior.

Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch:

Is it enough to get people to switch? Bing is certainly not a game-changer, but it does cut out a lot of the back and forth that happens with so many searches today. If Bing can help people find what they are looking for faster, it will put pressure on Google to keep advancing the ball as well.

Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land:

No, Bing is not a “Google Killer.” It’s also safe to say that Microsoft doesn’t see it that way either. My understanding of what Microsoft believes it has in Bing is a much more competitive product than Live Search. I entirely agree. My overall assessment is very positive. Kumo, now Bing, has performed well and I’ve been satisfied with the results. There haven’t been any significant deficiencies or missing links (so to speak). While there have been a few occasions where I’ve found Google results to be better, the substantial gap that existed between Google and Live Search is largely gone with Bing.

Emil Protalinski, Ars Technica:

For day-to-day searches Bing is definitely a mixed bag. The results for some queries blow my mind: how is it possible that the results can be so preposterously useless? Other times, though, a comparison with the old Live Search shows that Bing obviously has had its algorithm tweaked for the better.

Bing is a very good product, especially in the areas where Live Search differentiated itself. While bringing some new flavour to search, it’s not compelling enough to get me to leave Google behind. I will probably use it exactly like I use Live Search, as my fallback option when Google doesn’t turn up what I want. Give Bing a spin, but don’t expect anything revolutionary, just evolutionary.

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