Microsoft’s Newest Ad For Windows 8.1 Shows Off The Start Button

Microsoft is hoping that bringing back the Start button in Windows 8.1 will make users fall in love with its newest operating system.

Users told Microsoft not to kill the Start button. Even Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen publicly griped about its loss when he reviewed an early version of Windows 8.

After a lot of soul searching, Microsoft saw the light and listened to users.

Bringing it back is a step in the right direction, but, as we said before, if you already tried Windows 8, and hated it, Windows 8.1 likely won’t change your mind, Start button or not.

The bigger problem is that user interface just isn’t intuitive in a whole bunch of ways. It’s almost downright secretive.

That said, here’s how the revived Start button will look when Windows 8.1 is released to the public on Oct. 18:

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