Microsoft: Zune News Coming Soon

Microsoft (MSFT) is entertaining a cadre of reporters on its Bellevue campus in advance of an announcement that’s coming out today: We hear that it’s Zune-related. Given the makeup of the press corps we hear they’ve assembled (entertainment writers from the big dailies, guys from the big glossies), that makes sense. We’ll update with more info as we get it; meantime, anyone want to take a guess? We await your comments.

Update: Some old-fashioned reporting (um, Googling) leads us to the following conclusion: It’s almost certainly about the Zune! Microsoft is going to introduce a new line of smaller Zunes, reports Beta News, among others. For the sake of our colleagues who made the trip to MSFT HQ, we’re hoping they’ve got something else to show off as well.

Another update: Yep, new Zunes. The twist — apparently Microsoft will also try a DRM-free gambit to help goose sales.