So Microsoft Apparently Wanted To Distract Us From The Yammer Deal With A Bunch Of Shiny Objects

Photo: blentley

What we’ve heard: Microsoft has indeed agreed to buy Yammer, as we first reported last week. But it doesn’t want to talk about it until late June or early July.That’s because it just unveiled its fancy Surface tablets and new version of Windows Phone, and it wants us to only alk about shiny gadgets for a couple of weeks.

Then, and only then, are we allowed to contemplate Microsoft’s big push into social enterprise!

We’re not alone in finding this odd: Fortune’s Dan Primack noted this strange strategy of silence, too.┬á

That the companies made this plan in the first place and are now sticking to it, a week after word leaked out, strike us as incredible.

The notion that Microsoft could keep Yammer’s ├╝berchatty employees from leaking word at San Francisco coffee shops is silly. And the thought that the companies can carry on with any kind of normal business in the meantime is equally silly.

Are chief information officers going to make a big commitment either to Microsoft’s SharePoint or Yammer’s enterprise-collaboration service until they know how the products are going to be integrated?

It seems like Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot here. But that’s nothing new.

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