Microsoft - Yahoo Talks Off? Ray Ozzie Suggests So

The last word on Microsoft-Yahoo is that the companies are furiously discussing a byzantine transaction in which Microsoft buys Yahoo’s search business and that Microsoft is holding open the possibility of buying the whole company. So what to make of Ray Ozzie’s comments this morning at a conference in New York?

Ray, as quoted by MarketWatch:

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft Corp.’s chief software architect, said Wednesday that the software giant would “still love to discuss possibilities with Yahoo,” but didn’t go into details of what the two companies might do together. Ozzie was speaking at the Bernstein Strategic Decisions Conference in New York.

Four interpretations:

  1. Ray was misquoted.
  2. Ray is WAY out of the loop (Microsoft and Yahoo resumed talks about 10 days ago).
  3. Ray let slip that talks have cooled.
  4. Ray misspoke.

No offence to Ray, but we’re guessing the latter. Trying to confirm…

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