Microsoft Just Scored A Nice Win Against Google Apps Right In Google’s Backyard

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Microsoft today announced that the county of Santa Clara has signed on to become a customer of Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud services.It’s a decent-sized, $3.6-million-per-year deal involving 15,000 employees across 26 departments.

Microsoft is probably happier with the symbolism of the deal than the dollar amount. In an e-mail from Microsoft PR, we were reminded that Santa Clara is in “the heart of Silicon Valley.”

Yup, Santa Clara is just about 10 miles down the 101 freeway from the Googleplex in Mountain View.

Microsoft said it won the deal through a “a competitive bidding process,” though it didn’t name Google specifically as another bidder.

Santa Clara apparently chose Microsoft because it also got some enterprise software, not just the cloud apps. Even in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara includes some 45,000-acres of parks and trails — so it is possible for remote workers to be out somewhere that doesn’t get a signal.