This Is Holographic, Microsoft's Plan To Fill Your World With Holograms

Alex Kipman, who helped produce Microsoft’s Kinect motion-sensing device, introduced a completely new device for Windows 10 on Wednesday.

It’s called Windows Holographic.

It’s not virtual reality — where you enter a virtual world — but it’s more like augmented reality, where you wear a special piece of headgear to insert virtual elements into the real world.

Check out these images:

Microsoft wants to let you play games, watch videos, and create virtual elements that will appear in your view.

“When you change the virtual world, you change the world you see,” Kipman said.

With Windows Holographic, Microsoft hopes to help people train to do surgery, learn on-the-go, play immersive games, and blend their real and virtual worlds in new and creative ways.

There’s also some extra hardware: It’s called Microsoft HoloLens. It’s the first fully untethered holographic computer, which will be available in the Windows 10 timeframe.

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