Microsoft Will Announce A Tablet With Barnes And Noble Today [REPORT]

Photo: Business Insider

There has been plenty of guessing about what Microsoft will announce at its media event this afternoon in Los Angeles. Now, one publication claims to finally have the answer.TechCrunch’s Peter Ha reports hearing from sources that Microsoft is planning to announce a new tablet on Monday in partnership with Barnes and Noble.

As Ha points out, this would mark the first big announcement since the two companies entered into a strategic partnership back in April.

While Ha’s sources didn’t offer up many details about the new device, one source did suggest that the tablet could be the first non-Xbox device to offer Xbox Live streaming

Based on the tablets that Barnes and Noble has introduced to date, this could end up being good news for Apple as it would suggest the new tablet would be more of a Kindle Fire-killer than an iPad killer. Then again, with two fairly cheap tablet models in its lineup already, perhaps Barnes and Noble is looking to do something a little more high-end this time around.

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