Microsoft Wants A Discount From Apple To Bring Office To The iPad

steve ballmer
30%? You’re kidding, right?

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Microsoft is in talks with Apple to bring Office to the iPhone and iPad, John Paczkowski at All Thing D reports.There is a hang up over money. Apple takes a 30 per cent cut of all app sales and in-app purchases. Microsoft doesn’t think it should be subject to Apple’s 30 per cent tax.

Microsoft is planning on bringing Office to the iPhone and iPad for free. To edit documents in Office apps, users will have to purchase Office365 subscriptions. As is customary when it comes to in-app purchasing, Apple will take 30% of the sale.

Microsoft feels that by offering Office on iOS, it’s making iPads and iPhones better. Therefore, Microsoft deserves a discount. Apple does not agree.

We asked Microsoft for a comment, and got nada. We didn’t reach out to Apple because it just ignores our requests for comment.