Microsoft Tries To Out-Wii Nintendo: You Are The Controller Via 'Project Natal'


Microsoft (MSFT) just showed off a very cool new way to control your Xbox 360: With your body.

Microsoft’s “Project Natal” aims to replace your Xbox 360 controller with your hands, feet, body, and voice. It will work with all existing Xbox 360s and all future Xboxes, via an add-on sensor.

The idea is that instead of using Nintendo Wii-like controllers to go bowling, steer a car, play tennis, or act as boxing gloves, you won’t need a controller at all. It also works for shuffling between videos on a screen and other non-game functions.

There seems to be some sort of camera/motion sensor that sits near your TV. It works with multiple people for multi-player games, and it taps into Xbox Live, too.

Seems neat, and very “Minority Report”-like. But of course it has to work — which could be tricky, especially if it’s light-sensitive. Will be very interesting to see how this develops.

Here’s a couple more photos:


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