Microsoft Wouldn't Let Anyone Test The Touch Keyboard For Its Tablet

microsoft surface tablet

Photo: Microsoft

The number one feature of the Microsoft Surface tablet announcement that had people excited wasn’t anything on the tablet itself, it was the detachable keyboard cover.Microsoft has a touch keyboard that acts like Apple’s smart cover. It’s only 3 millimeters thick and it attaches magnetically.

Gizmodo was so excited about it, that it said the touch keyboard was the only way Microsoft could beat the iPad.

Here’s the catch though: Microsoft didn’t let anyone actually test the touch keyboard. It was totally hands-off.

The last time there was at a hands-off tablet event it was Amazon’s Kindle Fire. Jeff Bezos announced the Fire on stage, and then afterwards Amazon employees were showing the tablet to reporters, but not letting them touch it. When the Kindle Fire was finally released the software was buggy and laggy.

The fact that Microsoft didn’t let people actually use the touch keyboard is a bad sign. What’s worse is that no one actually typed words on a Surface tablet during the presentation using the keyboard.

This better be Microsoft just being overly cautious. If this thing doesn’t work it’s going to be a major screw up.

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