Microsoft is killing the best calendar app

Sunrise is sunsetting.

The popular calendar app, which Microsoft bought in 2015 for a reported $100 million, is shutting down in a few days, the company announced on its blog Wednesday.

Instead, Sunrise’s features will be rolled into Outlook, which is one of the best email apps. (Seriously. I’ve been using Outlook for over a year and I absolutely love it.)

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise though. Last fall, Sunrise announced that it would wind down development as its developers were integrated into the Outlook team.

Microsoft promised it wouldn’t shut down Outlook until it could incorporate all of Sunrise’s features into the app, and it seems like it has made good on that promise. The calendar tab in the Outlook mobile app looks almost like a clone of Sunrise.

Sunrise calendar appiTunesThe Sunrise app.

If you’re still in love with Sunrise, you’ll be able to keep it on your phone for a few more months, but the company says it won’t support it with bug fixes and other improvements. The app will stop functioning on August 31, 2016.

So what do you do if you don’t want to use Outlook or you want to keep your email and calendar as separate apps? I’d suggest using Fantastical, which is just as good as Sunrise. If you use Google Calendar, the iOS and Android apps are really good too.

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