Microsoft is planning to kill off its graphics editing program 'Paint' after 32 years

Paint LeadEdoardo Maggio/Business InsiderMicrosoft’s latest version of Paint on Windows 10.

Microsoft is planning to kill off Paint when Windows 10’s Creators Update arrives later this year, The Guardian reports.

The program would be missing from a Windows release for the first time in 32 years, when it was first introduced in 1985’s Windows 1.0.

Microsoft will retain Paint 3D, which it introduced with the Windows 10 Creators Update back in April, but the program doesn’t share much with the three-decade-plus old Paint everyone knows and loves (or hates).

Paint 3D is designed to work with three-dimensional image making tools, and also allows for some basic 2D editing, but it doesn’t look nor behave like the original one.

Paint will join Outlook Express, the Reader app, and Reader list in Windows 10’s list of features that will be “removed or deprecated” when the Fall Creators Update comes.

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