Microsoft Tells Loudmouths To Not Tweet Company Secrets

Steve Ballmer

Microsoft is telling some of its biggest fans to stay off Twitter for the next few days.

That’s because right now Microsoft is holding its annual MVP Summit — a gathering of over 1,000 people who are, according to Microsoft, “committed to helping others get the most out of their experience with Microsoft products and technologies.”

At the summit Microsoft allows its ‘MVPs’ to learn more about Microsoft products and talk to Microsoft executives. The purpose is to get these evangalists even more pumped on Microsoft.

However, in their enthusiasm for Microsoft, these MVPs have a tendency to Tweet sensitive information from the summit, Todd Bishop at TechFlash reports.

msft nda thumb

To stop this from happening Microsoft is putting up signs all over the conference reminding folks they’re under an NDA, so they can’t put any information on Twitter.

Despite all the signage, the Microsoft faithful just can’t help themselves. Todd points out there’s plenty of Tweets flying with #mvp10 and #mvp2010 in them.

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