Microsoft Swallows Up Sidekick-Maker Danger, Buries It Deep In Org Chart Hell

Microsoft has closed its acquisition of mobile software/platform maker Danger, for which it reportedly spent $500 million.

Danger co-founders Matt Hershenson and Joe Britt, two of the guys behind the Sidekick, might want to print a copy of Microsoft’s press release to keep track of the org chart they’re about to join: Hershenson and Britt report to Roz Ho, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s new Premium Mobile Experiences team. Ho reports to Andy Lees, senior vice president of the Mobile Communications Business. That’s a group within Microsoft’s (MSFT) Entertainment and Devices Division, headed by Robbie Bach. Bach’s boss is Steve Ballmer.

Got it? Now get back to work figuring out how to beat Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, RIM’s (RIMM) BlackBerry Pearl, and whatever your old friend Andy Rubin (Danger co-founder/former CEO) is cooking up at Google with Android.

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