Did You Unwrap A Microsoft Surface Tablet? Here’s What You Need To Know Now

microsoft surface tablet

[credit provider=”Steve Kovach, Business Insider”]

Did you get a Microsoft Surface tablet under the tree?If so, you’ll probably need some help to figure it out. Endless articles have been written about how Microsoft’s latest operating system is not intuitive. Staples even has a whole TV ad campaign about it.

We’re here to help you brave the learning curve with a list of resources collected from around the Web.

  • The basics on navigation
  • How to close Windows 8 Metro apps
  • Finding the MicroSD slot and making sure that the device is really charging
  • A more Intense Windows 8 video training course
  • The best sleeves and cases
  • The First Windows 8 Apps You Really Need To Install
  • The 10 Best Free Windows 8 Apps For Work And Play
  • Microsoft’s official tech support forum for the Surface
  • Microsoft’s official tech support forum for Windows RT
  • Windows 8 tech support forum that completely independent of Microsoft

You’re welcome.