Microsoft's Surface Tablet Revenues More Than Doubled Last Quarter, But It Still Probably Didn't Sell Very Many

One key number sticking out in Microsoft’s earnings report for last quarter: $US893 million.

That’s revenues brought in from sales of the company’s Surface tablets. And those revenues more than doubled from the quarter before ($400 million).

While it’s some nice growth, it’s still pretty tiny, especially compared to Apple’s iPad business.

While Microsoft didn’t say exactly how many Surface tablets it sold, we can do a fun guesstimate assuming an Average Selling Price (ASP) of each unit. There are several variations of the Surface ranging from $US349 to over $US1,000.

In an interview with Business Insider, a Microsoft spokesperson said it sells more Surface tablets running Windows RT, a special version of Windows 8 designed for cheaper tablets. That means Microsoft sold more Surface (last year’s model) and Surface 2s last quarter.

So for fun, let’s assume an ASP of $US600, which is being kind since the older Surface sells for $US349. That would translate to a little less than 1.5 million Surfaces sold last quarter.

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