Here's How Much The Other Microsoft Surface Tablet Could Cost You

microsoft surface tablet

Photo: Microsoft

With all the buzz about Microsoft’s newly released Surface RT tablet, it’s easy to forget that the RT is not Microsoft’s only tablet.Microsoft is also working on the Surface Pro which will run the full-blown version of Windows 8, along with all other Windows 7 software.

The Surface Pro will hit shelves sometime in early 2013 – some predict that will happen in January. But Microsoft has been tight-lipped about the price.

Now it looks like German retailer has leaked the price and is taking pre-orders, reports TWC News.

The site lists two versions of the Surface Pro, one with a a 64GB hard drive priced at about $920 excluding tax (€722) and one with a 128GB hard drive priced at $1026 (€808), excluding tax.

Microsoft has not confirmed these prices but they do match Microsoft’s RT pricing scheme, which increases by $100 for each higher level model. The Microsoft Store sells the 32GB Surface RT for $499 without the famous touch-cover keyboard. The 32GB with the touch cover runs $599 and the 64GB with the touch cover costs $699.

A starting price of about $900 for a Surface Pro would also let Microsoft’s other PC partners advertise a lower price. For instance, Dell’s 64GB Latitude 10 with Windows 8 Pro starts at $749 but it doesn’t include the keyboard, nor the Microsoft Office software.

The Surface Pro will be more popular with businesses than RT because it can run older Windows software.

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