Microsoft's latest Surface Pro ad takes another swipe at Apple

Microsoft is going after Apple again.

A couple weeks after poking fun at the iPad Pro, the Windows maker is back with another ad for its Surface Pro 4, this time touting its hybrid PC over the Cupertino company’s MacBook laptops.

The 30-second video takes Microsoft’s usual approach for luring in Mac owners, claiming that Apple’s machines are “slower” and “less useful” — like a “hat for your cat,” no less — than its flagship 2-in-1, while singing the praises of the Surface’s touchscreen, pen support, and lighter design.

You can see the ad for yourself below:

For what it’s worth, I disagree with Microsoft here. Though the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are in dire need of an upgrade — the likes of which should be coming to the latter soon — I’ve yet to use a hybrid PC that’s as comfortable to use on a day-to-day basis as a typical clamshell.

The Surface Pro 4 is good for what it is, but Microsoft’s claims would hold a little more weight if they applied to its 
Surface Book, which is a very solid laptop first, and an oversized tablet second.

Nevertheless, shots like this make it clear that there’s no end in sight for the Mac vs. PC debate.

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