Microsoft's Surface Tablet Will Be Priced To Compete With The iPad

Steve Ballmer Microsoft Surface

Photo: AP

Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer has been quiet about how much his company’s upcoming Surface Tablet will cost.In an interview over the weekend Ballmer finally opened up.

While we don’t have an exact price we now know a range.

Ballmer told the Seattle Times, he believes Microsoft has a “very competitive product from the features perspective,” with Microsoft Surface, and that “probably $300 to about $700 or $800” is the “sweet spot” for pricing. We learned of this via The Verge.

This price range puts The Surface in line with Apple’s iPad and other popular tablets. The iPad ranges from $399, for the iPad 2, all the way up to $829, for the most expensive new iPad.

The tablet market is a completely different beast for Microsoft. This is one of the company’s first forays into producing its own hardware along with software. 

The Surface is scheduled to be released October 26, in conjunction with Microsoft’s Windows 8 release. 

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