Why Microsoft's First TV Ad For Its iPad-Killer, The Surface, Is A Mistake

Microsoft debuted its first ad for the Surface, its tablet that’s supposed to slow down the rise of the iPad.

It puts a heavy emphasis on the clicking sound of the touch keyboard clicking into the Surface, as well as the clicking sound of the tablet’s built-in keyboard. It’s a clever ad that plays on sound. But it fails to sell the product.

While a lot of people in the tech world know Microsoft is doing its own tablet to compete with the iPad, normal people either forgot or just don’t know about it.

This was Microsoft’s first chance to introduce its tablet to the world. This was Microsoft’s chance to make the case for why the Surface is superior to the iPad, and really, superior to a laptop.

Instead of making the case for the Surface it just did a clever clicky ad. It’s hard to believe people would even know what the Surface is after watching this ad.

It almost looks like its a different sort of laptop instead of a tablet.

And that’s the other problem with this ad. It really looks like Microsoft is just pushing another laptop, not a tablet.

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