Here's Your First Look At Microsoft's New Surface Tablets

Microsoft announced updates to its two Surface tablets today.

The new devices, the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2, launch October 22. The Surface 2, the cheaper model designed to compete with the iPad will cost $US449. The Surface Pro 2, a full-fledged PC that doubles as a tablet, will start at $US899.

Both tablets will run the new version of Windows that launches soon, Windows 8.1.

Check out the gallery below for an overview of what the new Surfaces can do.

This is the Surface 2. It costs $US449 and you can get an optional keyboard cover.

Here's the back of the Surface 2. It now comes in this light grey colour instead of solid black.

Now the kickstand is adjustable so you have more viewing angles, almost like a regular laptop.

It has a USB port on the side.

There are new colours for the keyboards.

Here are a few of the new keyboard colours.

The keyboards are backlit so you can type in the dark.

This is the new Surface Pro. It looks a lot like last year's model, but it has a very fast processor and better battery life. The original Surface Pro only had about four hours of battery life.

There's another type of cover keyboard for the new Surfaces. This one works with a special DJ app that lets you mix music together.

Here's the DJ app.

This is the new Surface dock.

The dock gives you access to a bunch of ports like Ethernet, USB, and HDMI.

Now check out some new phones...

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