A Lawyer Hates His New Microsoft Surface So Much He's Suing

Microsoft Surface tablet

Photo: Microsoft

A California lawyer is so upset with his Surface tablet, that he’s suing Microsoft for alleged false advertising.When Andrew Sokolowski began filling his tablet with music and Word documents, he claims that the advertised 32 gigabytes of storage translated to more like 16 GB of free space.

So he went to Los Angeles Superior Court to file a class action lawsuit.

The only issue is that Microsoft warns of this issue on its website, stating, “The 32 GB version has approximately 16 GB free hard disk space,” because some of the disk space “is used by built-in apps and by the Windows features that can help you protect and recover the stuff you store on your Surface.”

Although Sokolowski’s lawyer says that this information is “buried” on the site and that “they make you search and dig for it specifically, or you would never find it.”

The Surface isn’t the only tablet with this problem. The iPad 32GB only actually has 28 GBs of free storage space.

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