Microsoft Stock Up On Talk Of Firing Ballmer, But Board Still Supports Him

Steve Ballmer Microsoft CEO

[credit provider=”Dan Frommer, Business Insider”]

Microsoft shares are up more than 2.5% in a mixed market this morning in the wake of hedge fund manager David Einhorn’s public call to fire Steve Ballmer.But for that to happen, investors would have to convince the board of directors it’s a good idea. And at least one board member, speaking anonymously to CNBC, says Ballmer still has the board’s support, and there will be no special meeting to discuss it.

But there’s some hope for Ballmer haters: the board may discuss leadership at its next regular meeting in June, said this person.

Steve Ballmer is the second-largest holder of Microsoft shares, according to ZDNet, with 3.65% of the stock — behind only his college buddy, cofounder Bill Gates, who still holds 6.65% of outstanding shares.

And there’s no way Ballmer is going unless Gates decides to give up on him. So far, there’s no indication of that — just last week, Gates came out as a strong proponent of Ballmer’s decision to buy Skype.