Microsoft Spends Big To Promote Bing At The Olympics

ski jump olympics winter

Microsoft (MSFT) announced today that it has reached an agreement with NBC to bring exclusive coverage of the Winter Olympics to MSN and Bing.

NBC is offering over 400 hours of the Olympics live online, and over 1,000 hours of total online coverage. As part of this partnership, all of that content will be available from the MSN homepage.

Microsoft is also playing up the “extensive Bing integration” that this year’s Olympics will feature. Unlike Google, Bing will be able to index all of NBC’s exclusive video.

Microsoft has been pulling out all the stops promoting its new search engine and buying up traffic for it. So far, the company has yet to do anything but lose money online, and nothing to do with the Olympics comes cheap.

Microsoft had better hope users really, really care about getting the best Olympics search results possible.

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