This chart shows just how volatile the fight for IT dominance could be over the next 3 years — for everyone but Microsoft

The enterprise computing market may be due for a big shake-up.

While the top IT vendors have remained fairly stable since the end of last year, a Goldman Sachs IT Spending Survey found that many chief information officers expect to see a very different vendor landscape come 2020.

Google and Amazon — companies that have dominated the consumer space for quite some time — are edging up in popularity in the enterprise space, likely as a result of their big pushes in cloud services. Their gains are expected to come at the expense of Oracle, Cisco, IBM and SAP, all of which are expected to drop considerably in market share and relevance in the next three years.

The enterprise giants are fighting over a huge market. Businesses will spend $US3.5 trillion on IT this year alone.

Market dominance is a privilege, not a right, and traditional enterprise tech leaders like Oracle and Cisco will have to find a way to compete with Amazon and Google on the upstarts’ terms if they want to continue to be influential in the IT space.

Goldman Sachs is projecting big changes to come in the enterprise computing market. Goldman Sachs

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