Microsoft's New Browser Will Make It Easier For You To Read Long Articles On Your Phone

The new browser Microsoft is reportedly working on will have a mode to make it easier to read long articles, Neowin’s Brad Sams reports based on leaked screenshots

The new browser, code-named “Spartan,” will be more like Chrome or Firefox than Microsoft’s current browsers Internet Explorer, and will be optimised for Windows 10 on desktop and mobile.

Sams reports the browser will have a “reading mode” button that “strips out the text of an article and makes it easier to read the content on a page.” 

The feature would be particularly useful when you’re reading a longer article on a smaller screen, like a tablet or cell phone, and could help reduce the data needed to load pictures or videos.

A similar feature is available in Internet Explorer for Windows 8.1, but only works on that operating system, which hasn’t gotten much traction. Apple’s Safari browser for iOS also has a reading mode that works similarly.  

Besides the “reading mode” button, Spartan looks pretty standard, but you can check out the images over at Neowin

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